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One of the ways that I try to relax is to get a Thai Manchester massage. When my children surprised me with a massage for Mother’s Day, I was thrilled. Walking to the business, I paid attention to all of the beautiful flowers that I had not seen before. This was a place where I had went at least twice a month. The woman who I was accustomed to was not there, so I had to settle for her assistant. I did not like this person as I had received her services one other time. However, it was as though I had some type of spirit from my regular therapist with me. There was no pain in my back when I left, and I could hardly tell the difference between the two people. The next day, I found out that the woman who I had seen for three years had died fifteen minutes before I entered the massage studio.

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Thai massage Sheffield involves massaging and manipulating certain parts of the body. The development of this system came from Thailand and was influenced by other types of medicine. The massage starts by having the person change into loose clothing and lay down on top of a mat or firm mattress. The therapist uses different positions like yoga positions but the main goal is to provide pressures of the body that are static and rhythmic in order to to form the core of the person. The massage therapist uses different parts of their body for the different massages. The stretching and pressures of rhythmic proportion are what this massage involves and the massage can last for two hours. Benefits of this type of massage include physical and emotional tension relief, help with sleep problems, the release of blocked energy by having more awareness of the body and mind, also being engaged and energized is the force of the massage.

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It was a hot summer day, but the air conditioning Rochdale would not work. I decided to try to fix it myself, only to discover there was someone else who was already on the job. As I pulled the cover off of the main vent, I noticed a light about two feet back. Seeing as how I had no idea what could be inside the vent, I got my flashlight and crawled through the space. To my amazement, there were two small elves working on the filter and the pump. They briskly turned wrenches and screwdrivers, getting the cool air working again. In a matter of minutes, the elves had the air back on, cleaning up as quickly as they made the repairs. Perhaps these are the noises I hear while sleeping at night, and why everything in the house gets fixed without my assistance.

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My husband and I took a vacation this past summer to Edinburgh, Scotland. The plane ride went by quick and before we knew it, we were at the most beautiful place in the world. After unpacking and grabbing a bite to eat, we headed straight to Scotland’s number one attraction, the Edinburgh Castle. The history there and the scenery was overwhelming, I have never been so amazed. Since it was only our first day in Scotland, we went back to our hotel after the tour. We had also picked one of the finest Premier Inn hotels around. The rooms were luxurious and the service was pristine. The last few days of our trip we visited numerous historic houses, including the Palace of Holy Road House. I would have to say out of all the places we visited, the City of Dead tour was the most memoriable. It was spooky and exciting. I hope to tour it again some day.

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Grandpa raised my brother and me. Grandpa’s country vet services rarely netted cash but mostly chickens, eggs, or a goat. There was always plenty to eat. Toys were scarce so my brother Jimmy and I entertained ourselves with nature’s bounty of sticks, rocks and bugs. One day we started out with a friendly game of cops and robbers, and somehow, it turned bad. A robber (me), chunked a rock at a cop (Jimmy), it popped his forehead open and the blood ran. He fell on the ground screamin’, I was scared to death and thought he was dyin’. Grandpa used kitchen stuff on animal wounds, so I rummaged around and found a box of rock salt. That should do the trick! It did. I dumped that salt into Jimmy’s gash, and he immediately came up off the ground. Grandpa came home, iced down Jimmy’s head and my black eye.